Elevate your architectural vision with our expert design services for structures, delivering innovative solutions that blend form and function seamlessly.

Construction of pre-engineered structures and industrial sheds

Efficiently build robust pre-engineered structures and industrial sheds with our expert construction services, tailored for durability and functionality.

Design and Construction of swimming pools and backyards

Transform your outdoor space with expert design and construction of stunning swimming pools and backyards, creating a luxurious oasis to relax and unwind

Construction of rcc structures

Expertly crafted RCC structures - Building strong foundations for lasting success in construction projects


Transform your outdoor space with expert hard and soft landscaping services, creating a harmonious blend of natural beauty and functional design

Facility management and maintenance of buildings

Expert facility management and building maintenance services to ensure seamless operations and optimal performance of your properties

refurbishment and interior of offices, buildings and villas

Transform your spaces with expert refurbishment and interior services for offices, buildings, and villas, creating stylish and functional environments that inspire success.


As an emerging design and building Construction Company backed by a talented and experienced group of professionals, GW has the potential and in-depth technical knowhow to match world class construction standards and processes. We have the expertise and versatility needed to tackle your most complex construction needs with creativity and efficiency.
Our high level of professionalism, integrity and innovation has given us an advantage over our competitors in this sector today and to our credit, we have successfully completed numerous construction projects for our customers even operating in difficult terrains and under harsh conditions.


Fast-track project completion is also one of GW specialties, assuring clients of consistently high standards within record time frames. GW highly effective management, accurate planning and resource deployment are key in making these projects possible. The company carries a full team of tradesmen, skilled workmen and well experienced engineers and superintendents.

GW also maintains a full range of heavy construction equipment in its areas of operation. Such resources enable the company to quickly mobilize into any area in the region and meet the varying requirements of the schedules of its projects.

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