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M/s. Gravity Works Pvt Ltd. is a multi-disciplinary firm providing various construction services including Planning, Execution, Project Management, Shop Drawings, Residential Buildings Construction, Commercial Buildings Construction, Industrial Construction, and High-rise Building Construction, significant installations, Concrete repair, and Landscaping & Horticulture reclaiming works.

core services


We offer the finest quality work such as EPC contractor, site preparation, cost estimates and construction of various structures including roads, pavements, drainage, bridges. We build under water structures including dams/water retaining structures, irrigation and flood control system, railway tracks, sewerage works, water supply, water proofing etc. as per our client needs varying from medium to large scale projects.

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We Are Offering Services To Support Business And Sector Development In Industrial Sectors.

off shore construction

We have skilled team to construct onshore and transport to an offshore site like boundary wall and pipe lines.

heavy construction

We offer activities like building foundation, excavation on large projects, huge structures, bridges and roads that requires extensive engineering.

modular construction

Pre-engineered building units that we design in a controlled setting can be of steel, wood, or concrete that are delivered and assembled on site in half the time.

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aditional services

Insdustrial and metal structures

Gravity Works Pvt Ltd. has also worked in joint venture with Izhar steel in one of the project of Karachi Shipyard & engineering works. The total estimated cost of the project is 35 million with the name Cable Yard. After the completion of cable yard project we have got multiple projects of metal/industrial structures from KW & SB.

warehouse projects

We have in our list multiple warehouse projects along with complete civil and steel structures in KSEW & Pakistan railways.

Road Networks

We have hands-on experience of constructing roads tracks in Karachi. We have completed raod tracks in different areas in Karachi.

Pre-fabricated Buildings

The huge project of prefabricated buildings of Pakistan Railways has been done by Gravity Works. 5 big offices along with TCC hostel is in the certificates in portfolio section.

restoration & conservation

GW completed multiple projects in restoration and conservation buildings in order to secure historical buildings of Pak railways.

Draining Structures

Drainage system plays very important role in the field of civil construction. We have added multiple successful projects in our list.

Bridge Structures

GW comprises of highly professional engineers and project managers. participated in multiple tenders under government regulations and gave services.

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SITE Warehouse Project


HBL Head Office Renovation


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Visit our project page and let us know about the further deals related to residential or warehouse projects under Pakistan law.

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