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The most common questions generally clients ask before commencement of further projects discussions.


Common questions

General Questions that come in clients’ minds before approaching us … Well, we have made some FAQs in order to get the basic information before contacting us. For more queries please contact to our WhatsApp 24/7 service or Call on available number in the contact section.

What kind of documents needed to bind the contract?​

Main supplementary docs should be attached mentioning the duties and responsibilities of both the parties. Proper bill of quantities, sourcing of material and the labour and timline of the project is the foremost part of it. 

Do you follow compliance issues ?

The government regulations and compliance issues should be followed according to the laws and compliance followed by the state/country.

How to determine Construction Cost?

The clause should be mentioned along with the legal paper where both the parties have mutual agreements for the final price and payment schedule clause with signatures and dates.

What are your credentials?

  1. We have a proper PEC License. License no is 2170
  2.  Proper NTN and Sindh Sales tax registration License
  3. Yearly Audit reports from Salahuddin Chartered Accountants and Co.
  4. Top engineers , designers, and architects
  5. ISO Certified

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Projects questions

General section for the FAQ’s been asked by the clients and its solutions. if you need further assistance or have any queries to discuss please feel free to contact our 24/7 service.

How long do you take to give an estimate?

We normally take 48 to 56 hours for residential buildings and takes 10 to 15 days for high rise commercial buildings.

Who can you contact to get the estimates?

You can directly contact via Director/CEO or the Project Manager of the concerned project.

Do you use sub-contractors?

Depending on the volume of the project, we have our own skilled team to accomplish projects and sometimes we go for joint ventures. 

Do you have the images of recent projects?

In order to get information about the recent projects please look into our project section or download our portfolio.

Are you licensed?

Yes we have an updated license from Pakistan Engineering Council. Our license No# 2170.

Please check our certification page for further verification.

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