M/s. Gravity Works is registered in April 2014 with a team of qualified and experience professional engineers as a sister concern of one of the largest engineering consulting firm of Pakistan, which has branches in various cities and countries and a background of more than 30 years. As a part of board of such an organization, GW has an edge to take advice from most professional and experienced engineers in every field of engineering.

M/s. Gravity Works is a multi-disciplinary firm providing various construction services including Planning, Execution, Project Management, Shop Drawings, Residential Buildings Construction, Commercial Buildings Construction, Industrial Construction, and High-rise Building Construction, significant installations, Concrete repair, and Landscaping & Horticulture reclaiming works.

Our firm maintains the highest standard of services in the commercial construction industry.

We offer the finest quality work such as EPC contractor, site preparation, cost estimates and construction of various structures including roads, pavements, drainage, bridges. We build under water structures including dams/water retaining structures, irrigation and flood control system, railway tracks, sewerage works, water supply, water proofing etc. as per our client needs varying from medium to large scale projects.